Vendor Application Form for the Vancouver Dyke March & Festival on August 3, 2019
We are so glad you're interested in being a vendor at the Vancouver Dyke March & Festival on August 3, 2019 at Grandview Park. Early Bird pricing is available to those who complete this form by 5pm on June 15, 2019.

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Please give us a brief description of your organization and what you plan to do with your vendor space. *
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Are there any websites or social media accounts you'd like us to share on the Vancouver Dyke March social media accounts when we promote the event?
This is not required for your participation, just an extra we offer to give your organization more visibility.
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Preferably the cell phone of the person who will be running your table the day of the event.
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What equipment will you need us to provide? *
You are welcome to bring your own equipment, however we can provide the following items, for an additional fee. If you need additional chairs or tables, please leave notes in the "other" field.
Vendor Fees *
Please select all fees you will be paying, if you need to list additional equipment fees, us the "other" field. Details on how to pay fees will be provided when your application is approved. Early Bird pricing available until 5pm on June 15, 2019.
If your organization cannot afford the full vendor fees above, please let us know what you can afford:
We want all groups to be able to participate, so please be honest about what would be best to pay for your organization. Please note the Vancouver Dyke March and Festival Society is a non-profit organization and we need to consider the overall fiscal sustainability of the event as well as providing access to all vendors. We will consider fee reductions on a case-by-case basis and your fee reduction will be noted in your confirmation email if it is approved.
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Any other comments or questions? Feedback from last year?
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Terms and Conditions
Per city code, you may not pierce anything into the ground or drive a vehicle on parks board land (as people have caused damage to underground sprinkler systems in the past and flooded parks). We understand the fines for this can be quite high and the city will seek damages.

Fees will be paid to Vancouver Dyke March by July 15, 2019, by credit card or cheque. Payment method details will be sent when your application is approved.

You may begin set-up no earlier than 10:00am and set-up MUST be completed no later than 12:00 noon.

Please ensure your booth is staffed until the end of the festival at 5:00pm. If you require an early tear down, you must receive approval from a VDM board member.

You are required to leave the booth area in the same state as it was when you arrived: clean, free of trash and debris, and undamaged. If you leave your booth area cluttered with trash, or do damage to the tent/table/chairs, you will be charged the cost of clean up and/or repairs.

Smoking is prohibited in Vancouver Parks, fines for you would be $250, VDM would be fined $500. If you smoke, please don't throw your butts out into a garbage can, as this set a trash can on fire one year.

We are unable to provide power to your booth. Should you desire to bring your own power generator you must provide your own liability insurance for this equipment to be used as it is outside the scope of our event insurance.

You may not play any music, etc at your booth that interferes with and/or disrupts the performers on the main stage.

Completion of this application form does not guarantee you a vendor spot. You will receive an email from the VDM board confirming your participation pending your agreement to our vendor code of conduct and payment of the vendor fees.

I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions and will abide by all City of Vancouver / Parks Board Regulations. *
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