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Thank you for your interest in working at Quench!

We are proud of our fun, positive working environment and are always accepting applicants who can bring more smiles!

We currently have two positions available, Float and Keyholder.

Float: A great position for someone who is looking for something highly flexible or very part time. We will train you how to make shakes & teas, and interact with customers. You will receive a 25% employee discount and the ability to work around your schedule. Starting wage is $9/hr.

Keyholder: In addition to Float duties, Keyholders will be trained how to open and/or close, help with special ingredient creation, some office work, and inventory assistance. Scheduling is still flexible, however you must be available to open and/or close, and during the school day. Generally this position is about 30 hours/wk.
Consistent reliability is a must, and someone with a creative, friendly spirit will love the experience of helping form Quench's atmosphere and delicious menu offerings. Starting wage is $10.50/hr with staggered raises, bonuses, and always a 25% employee discount.

After your application is submitted, if we are currently hiring and everything looks great, we will reach out with next steps!
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