Heal Your Life - Expression of Interest in Workshop
Love Yourself - Heal Your Life

Facilitated by the Internationally Licensed
Heal Your Life Coach, Workshop Leader Aarti Gupta
(Major Advantage of being an Experienced Psychologist & Reiki Master)

πŸ’— Date : September 7-8, 2019 (weekend)
πŸ’— Venue : Healing Circle, Mumbai (http://tinyurl.com/csjqqvy)
πŸ’— Website : http://www.healingcircle.in
πŸ’— International Website : https://goo.gl/kSQcGm
πŸ’— EXPERIENCE OF PARTICIPANTS : http://tinyurl.com/lq2csmn

About this Workshop
It is a very powerful, internationally acclaimed, life changing workshop towards Personal & Professional transformation based on the philosophy of Louise L Hay. She is a best selling author who has sold 40 million copies of the book "You Can Heal Your Life".

Learn more... "Your Words and Thoughts Create Your World!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LeONMkIfdo

The course also includes some of the works of
⭐ Patricia Crane PhD
⭐ Shakti Gawain
⭐ Deepak Chopra
⭐ Marianne Williamson

Group work, visualizations, guided meditations, inspirational & affirming songs, mirror work and affirmation bath makes this workshop very interesting, unique and effective.

The workshop offers you the opportunity to:
πŸ’— Gain an understanding of the power of self love and acceptance
πŸ’— Mind & Body Connect Awareness
πŸ’— Identify and transform your negative beliefs and thus get connected to your own inner joy and creativity.
πŸ’— Discover life long methods for self esteem & empowerment
πŸ’— Learn how to let go
πŸ’— Discover how much you believe you deserve – & increase it
πŸ’— Release resentments and long held anger
πŸ’— Practice forgiveness (without condoning) – the key to happiness …
πŸ’— Get more of what you want from life
πŸ’— Gain new tools and ideas to assist you on your journey


Early Bird discounts (paid in full)
πŸ’° 3rd Sep 2019 - 750 discount
πŸ’° 5th Sep 2019 - 500 discount
πŸ’° On the spot - 500 Extra
You can deposit your cash/cheque in any ICICI Bank branch or pay digitally.

Please send details of your deposit or NEFT transfer
with your name and subject HYL-Sep 2019
by WhatsApp, SMS to 9321598162
or email to aartiankur@gmail.com

AARTI GUPTA β€’ A/c No. 001801019941 β€’ IFSC : ICIC0000018 β€’ ICICI Bank Branch Borivli (W), Mumbai

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