NAIGC Director Application
The NAIGC is looking for hardworking individuals to run for a position on the Board of Directors for the fastest growing gymnastics organization in the country. Nominees should have a passion for serving and expanding collegiate and adult gymnastics of all levels and abilities, exhibit strong communication skills, and be analytical thinkers. Demonstrated experience in nonprofit governance and leadership will be considered a strong asset.

Being a director is hard work, but it's also rewarding. Directors are expected to attend board and committee meetings (2-10 hours of online video conferencing meetings per month) and work on assignments in between meetings. Voting occurs during monthly full board meetings that are usually 9-11 PM EST on weeknights, though we try to schedule meetings every year to best accommodate our directors’ schedules across different time zones. Beyond the ability to impact an organization that you love, being on a nonprofit board is a great learning opportunity for students and young professionals.

Applications for the NAIGC Board of Directors are open from March 10th – April 4th. You will not be added to the ballot unless you complete this application, regardless of whether you were nominated. Voting will occur April 6th – April 20th.

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Mark "Student" if you were enrolled in at least a semester of an undergraduate curriculum during the 2018-2019 school year, or if you will be a enrolled in at least a semester of an undergraduate curriculum during the 2019-2020 school year.
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Use this space to provide information detailing what you can bring to the board and what tasks or goals you'd like to accomplish. Examples include your relevant skills, past gymnastics experiences and/or qualifications, and leadership positions and accomplishments. Response must be fewer than 1000 characters.
Committee Descriptions
Fundraising: Pursue fundraising opportunities, and reach out to potential donors, sponsors, etc.

Policy: Review and create multi-page policies, and discuss pros, cons, consequences, and implications of potential policy decisions.

Event Management: Discuss NAIGC hosted events (sanctioned meets and camps / clinics), determine criteria and target number of events, determine needs of event hosts, and coordinate resources (money, people, equipment, supplies, etc.) for these events.

Technology: Discuss pros, cons, consequences, and implications of potential IT decisions, and develop and implement IT changes, tools, features, etc. Coding is primarily done in php scripting language

Merchandise: Develop and maintain a selection of NAIGC branded merchandise; and coordinate storage and shipping of merchandise.

Communications: Outreach to new clubs and create resources that help clubs navigate the NAIGC.

Scholarship: Administer the NAIGC Scholarship program and maintain scholarship funds

Men's Rules: Review and revise the NAIGC MAG Competition Rules

Women's Rules: Review and revise the NAIGC WAG Competition Rules

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Please mark all committees you intend to serve on. Directors are required to sit on at least one committee. We recommend sitting on two-three committees.
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