Bounty Application for Licensium Pre-Sales
Please fill out the form to apply for the pre-sales bounties of Licensium & Trusted Nodes. Please be aware that we reserve the right to deny applications without reason!

If we approve your application we will list you in the tracker sheet found on the bitcointalk ANN thread:

!!! Please note if you apply for signature bounty that you will need to use the Licensium signature and avatar (if your rank allows it) in order to receive LCX payouts to the given email address!!! We will check your signature during the period of 09.10.2017 until 03.11.2017.

!!!ATTENTION: You must join Licensium Slack in order to add you to the earnings tracker sheet: If you do not join Slack we cannot approve application and cannot make payments!

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We do need your email address in order to send you LCX!
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Are you interested to join the pre-sales as investor and buy additional LCX to your bounty earnings? (this is not mandatory, but we would be happy seeing you joining the pre-sales and would reward you with additional 10% bonus to the official 100% discount and 50% bonus)
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