Grade 7 Mathematics "Presidents' Test"
Directions: Answer questions 1 through 10. Use the reference sheets if necessary.
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1. Jared surveyed the students in his class to determine how they scored in a game. He displayed his results in the table shown. Which histogram represents the data in the table? (Refer to #1 on the reference sheets.)
2. A cereal company puts a colored ring in each box of cereal. There are 6 different ring colors. The colors of the rings in each of 50 cereal boxes are shown in the table. Based on the data, what is the probability that the next cereal box will contain a blue or a yellow ring? (Refer to #2 on the reference sheets.)
3. The graph below shows the relationship between the number of people in a group and the total cost of admission tickets for a circus. What point on the graph represents the unit rate? (Refer to #3 on the reference sheets.)
4. The school bus Evie rides is scheduled to arrive at her stop at 8:20 a.m. each day. The table below shows the actual arrival times of the bus for several days that were randomly selected over the past few months. Based on these data, what is the probability that the bus will arrive at Evie's stop before 8:20 a.m. tomorrow? (Refer to #4 on the reference sheets.)
5. Malika and Adrian prepared containers of potato salad at a deli. Each container was supposed to have a mass of one pound. The manager selected a random sample of containers prepared by each employee to check the mass of each container. The results are shown in the table. Which inference is best supported by these data? (Refer to #5 on the reference sheets.)
6. Which expression is equivalent to 8c + 6 - 3c - 2?
7. A rhombus with side length s is shown. The perimeter, P, of a rhombus is proportional to the length of each side, s. Which equation represents this relationship? (Refer to #7 on the reference sheets.)
8. A pile of newspapers in Ms. McGrath's art class was 17 3/4 inches high. Each consecutive week, for the next 5 weeks, the height of the pile of newspapers increased by 8 7/12 inches. What was the height, in inches, of the pile after 3 weeks?
9. What is the value of (- 1/4 - 1/2) -:- (- 4/7)?
10. The mean radius of Earth is 6,371.0 kilometers and the mean radius of Earth's Moon is 1,737.5 kilometers. What is the approximate difference in the mean circumferences, in kilometers, of Earth and Earth's Moon? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a kilometer.
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