Aviators Cheer - Scholarship 21/22
Please fill in this form to the best of your ability. We are particularly looking for athletes that feel that they can contribute positively for Aviators as a program. This could be in a number of ways, feel free to be creative and think of what skills or ideas you can contribute. This could be anything from helping out with coaching or mentoring, helping with social media, fundraising, anything you can think of.

2 levels of scholarships will be awarded, Silver and Gold. Limited scholarships of each level will be available.

Silver Scholarships will be awarded 15% discount on the monthly training fees. Gold Scholarships will be awarded 20% discount on monthly training fees AND 50% discount on domestic competition fees.

You will be informed if your application is successful when you are sent your team offer.

The Flight Crew's decision is final. Any questions about this process please email the flight crew at hello@aviatorscheer.co.uk
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What values and attributes do you think constitutes a good cheerleader and member of the AV Family? *
What benefits would you bring to Aviators if you were offered a scholarship? *
If you were awarded a scholarship, how will you set an example to other athletes on the program? *
How do you intend to make the most use of this scholarship *
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