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Hello and welcome to our coaching project to help climate change and sustainability organisations regenerate and support new and continuing activists of all kinds and ages.

Coaching will focus on you and your needs, and there will be no pressure to talk about anything you do not feel comfortable with. It's your time and space to explore how best to move forward.

You'll be offered three free coaching sessions by one of our qualified coaches. You can use all three of these sessions or just one or two. It's totally up to what you want and need.


Anyone, anywhere who is planning to make a significant commitment to climate change activism over the next 6-12 months. We have a list of priority groups that will change over time. Right now it's co-ordinators of projects and initiatives. Other groups might take longer to get back to.


All coachees need to complete a confidential feedback form within 48hrs of your session to ensure we are providing a professional, safe and compassionate service.


Don't worry, it is free or by donation if you can genuinely afford it - to help cover some of our project management. Your coach will guide you through this.


Will need parental consent.


Please don't not share anything here that may legally compromise you, us or your climate change organisation. We will keep your details only until a coach is allocated. Everything you share will be held in professional confidence under the guidelines of the International Coaching Federation.


Our matching team will match you with a coach who will contact you directly by your chosen method of contact. You will arrange together when to have your first session.


You can email We are a small team of volunteers so please be patient, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


It might take time to get back to you, despite our best efforts. Contact Animas Coaching for a trainee coach outside our current team if you can't wait.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy coaching as much as we enjoy giving and receiving it!

Climate Emergency Coaches Team
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