NatsuCon 2016 Panel Submissions

Please answer this form completely and thoughtfully. The more information you can give us, the better NatsuCon can determine how you would be a good fit for our programming.

To run a panel at NatsuCon 2016 you are required to have a badge. If you do not have have a badge the day of your panel you will be barred from running another panel at any of our events for a year. If attempting to reach Premium status but you fail to send the requested information to the Panel Chairperson by the appointed time you will not be considered for Premium status. No exceptions. If you need to cancel your panel due to personal reasons we ask that you tell us as soon as possible. Those who contact us by 11:59 PM Wednesday, June 20th 2016 will receive no penalty. Canceling a panel after that point will mean you may be barred from hosting a panel for the following year at our Panel Chair's discretion. Failure to report that you will not be hosting a panel will result in a minimum of being barred from hosting panels for one year.

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