The items on the WPA Coach Contract are divided into the 11 points below.  All coaches and co-coaches are required to review and sign the Coach Contract.  You are encouraged to also print out a copy and review it with your team and parents.  A file can be found on under the COACH tab at
Knowing that the best possible tournament can only happen when the participants are well informed, I acknowledge the following and have communicated and discussed these points with my team and the family and friends (supporters) who will come to the tournament to support my team. *
Coach Name *
Membership Name and # *
1. My team is well prepared for this W PA Regional Tournament. I have reviewed with them the requirements of their chosen Problem and they have all the necessary paperwork. *
2. All coaches, team members and supporters have been made aware what constitutes Outside Assistance, and aware of the probable penalties the team will receive should anyone provide Outside Assistance. *
3. Team prop storage areas are assigned and marked in areas near the Long Term performance site. My team will keep their area safe and organized prior to our performance. We guarantee that we will cause no damage to our designated area. We will completely clean our designated area as soon as possible following our Long Term and Spontaneous presentations. *
4. We will report to the Check-in Area for Long Term and Spontaneous at least 15 minutes prior to our assigned presentation times. *
5. The Spontaneous problem that my team will solve on tournament day will not be discussed in anyway, with anyone including me, the coach, other than members of this team, in a private setting, until after the Closing Ceremony of World Finals. *
6. We will exercise good sportsmanship and have complete respect for each other and all coaches, judges, volunteers, and other teams and their supporters at all times, particularly on tournament days. We, the team members, myself and co-coaches, and all of our supporters, WILL remain in our seats during the ENTIRE Award Ceremony to afford the same courtesy and respect to all other teams that we expect to be shown to us. We recognize that the Ranatra Fusca Award is the ultimate award for creativity and individuals and teams that earn this level of achievement may be recognized after all team place awards have been given. We will remain in our places until the Ceremony is closed by the Regional Director. *
7. I am aware that ‘Raw Long Term Score’ will be available at our Long Term presentation site as soon as possible after our performance. I will wait until our team Membership # is posted at this site to indicate that the score is ready. I will approach the Judge’s tables between performances and ask for the Head Judge and identify myself as the coach. I am aware that I am, or in the case of Div III where I am the Team Captain, the ONLY person who may make this request and review the score with the Head Judge. I also am aware that I will have 30 minutes after receipt of the ‘Raw Long Term Score’ to return to the Head Judge to pose any questions the team has regarding ONLY objective scores or definition or rule interpretation issues. I am aware that elements that are subjectively scored are not open to discussion. *
8. I am aware that food and drinks may be permitted ONLY in the cafeteria or other area so designated and that I am responsible for this team and its supporters as they must follow these directions. NO food or drink is permitted in ANY of the Performances Sites. *
9. I have advised ALL of our supporters that NO ONE, including myself, may enter a Performance Site when the doors are closed for any reason. I am aware and have informed the team and all of our supporters that the Official Clock for each Performance Site will be in the hands of a Tournament Official at that site. And that only this clock will be used to set team start times. *
10. Only the Coach, or in my stead a Co-Coach, or in the case of Div III a Team Captain, may approach any Tournament Official with any scoring issues. *
11. I recognize that, like myself, all of the Region and Tournament officials are VOLUNTEERS. I will act with courtesy and self-discipline at ALL times, particularly when dealing with a contested issue. I realize that my behavior AND that of our team supporters may cause a penalty to be assessed against our team. I will be extra diligent in this matter! *
THANK YOU!!  We hope you enjoy your experience!
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