Tomahawk Unit Program Request
Use this form to submit your troop or crew afternoon program requests. Complete this a full week before you arrive to camp. Our staff will review your requests the week before you arrive and they will craft a schedule for your unit. Your commissioner will go over your afternoon troop schedule with you upon arrival.
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Council *
Unit Type *
Unit Number *
If Northern Star Council please is the full unit number (3326, 9110, etc.)
Email Address *
Week of Camp *
Sub-Camp *
Campsite *
How many youth do you expect will participate in afternoon unit activities. *
Please do not include youth that will be occupied with older Scout programs in the afternoon.
Will your Unit need a swim test?
Select "Yes" if you have not completed swim tests before camp. Select "No" if you have completed your swim tests before camp.
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Rank your program choices
Rank the following activities. You may rank up to 17 activities. Your troop will only receive one merit badge choice. Our staff will do our best to connect you with your top choices.
Top choice
2nd choice
3rd choice
4th choice
5th choice
6th choice
7th choice
8th choice
9th choice
10 choice
11th choice
12th choice
13th choice
14th choice
15th choice
16th Choice
17th Choice
Troop Swim
Troop Snorkeling
Shotgun Shooting
Ice Cream Outpost
Aqua Trampoline
Troop Climb
Archery Shooting
Rifle Shooting
Conservation Project
Tomahawk Throwing
Voyageur Canoe
Tie Dye T-Shirt Making
Troop Boating
Team Building Games
Horseback Ride
Bison, Fire Tower, History and Bike Tour
Disc Golf
Fire Tower
Turks Head Slide Making
Monkey Fist Knot Making
Orienteering Course
First Class Aquatics
Owl Pellets
Beaver Tails
5 Mile Hike
Watermelon Maul
Pioneer Power
Leave No Trace
Nature Hike/ Bog Walk
Campsite Free Time
Logging Camp
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Horseback Ride Count
Horseback rides are $20 per rider. If you had listed Horseback riding as a choice above please note how many riders you would like to reserve spots for.
Logging Camp Options
If you had listed logging camp as a choice above complete this question. The Afternoon session is from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM (allows time to get back for supper). The Evening Session is from 5PM to 8PM (cooking supper is part of the program) Please rate your interest below. You may be interested in both options or neither option.
Interested in this option
Not interested in this option
Afternoon Session
Supper/Evening Session
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Logging Camp Travel
If you had listed logging camp as a choice above complete this question. The hike to logging camp can easily be modified to accomplish the 5 mile hike requirement for advancement. If you want to get there faster you may drive, but there will be no program until 2 pm. Please note which option you want to do.
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Please tell us anything extra we might need to know about your unit. Ex: "We do our own reflection on Thursday afternoons, so please don't schedule us for anything then" OR "While half of our Scouts are horseback riding we'd like the other half to go boating"
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