2020 "Living Islam - Year 2" Application
2020 Applications for the LIVING ISLAM - YEAR 2 full-time course are now open!

IMPORTANT: Applications will only be considered from students who have completed:
Zahraa Institute's first year "Qur'an Focus - Year 1" course (Apply here: www.zahraa.co.za/apply/quran-focus-year-1) or similar courses at other Islamic Studies institutions.

To submit your course application, please:

Complete this form and ensure that you click submit at the end of the form.

Pay the non-refundable registration fee of R400.

NO NEED to send proof of payment or to follow-up with us regarding your payment - please patiently await our correspondence. If no correspondence is received 1 month AFTER you have made payment, then please email us to query your application.

If you are unable to afford the registration or course fees, please apply for Financial Aid BEFORE meeting with us.
More details to follow.

(Step: 3) MEET WITH US:
Visit Zahraa Institute to sign your Student Agreement BEFORE January 2020.
We will contact you to make an appointment - please patiently await our correspondence.

Once you have met with us, we will notify you of your confirmed registration.

We look forward to meeting with you, Insha'Allah.
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