Tech Talk - Follow Up - Evaluation
Your responses will help us develop a system to ensure you are able to integrate your learning from Tech Talk into practice. Thank you for your time.
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Have you been able to use what your learned from Tech Talk in your day to “day practice? *
Provide an example of how you have used what your learned in the Tech Talk Training in your day to day practice. If you have not used the learning gained from Tech Talk; why not? *
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Here are some examples of activities or tools that can help people integrate learning into practice. Check off the examples that you would use that fits your way of learning. *
Please list other ways you integrate learning into practice - Explain "other" if you checked it off.
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Of the activities or tools listed above which do you prefer? Please list them in order of priority. The first one being your first preference. *
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What other resources or help do you need to ensure the training you received in Tech Talk is useful to you as an instructor and ultimately helps the learner? *
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