DFW18: Submit Critical Papers and Panels
The Fifth Annual David Foster Wallace Conference on Contemporary Literature and Culture will be held at Illinois State University, June 7-9, 2018. The conference invites both critical scholarship and creative writing. Papers and panels should focus on literary works published since the 1950s and/or in the works of David Foster Wallace.
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For panel proposals, please list the names, position titles, and institutions of each panelist, including your own.
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If your presentation features direct references or examination of one of Wallace's works, please select "DFW Studies." Otherwise, please select "Contemporary Literature and Culture." Your choice here will not affect the likelihood of acceptance - we only use this to help match presenters to panels.
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Please provide 150-300 words describing your presentation - for panel proposals, you may include an additional 100 words for each additional presenter. Be sure to reference the scholars, theories, and other works that inform your research. You may include the text of your abstract in the text of the full proposal.
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Please provide a 50-word abstract for our printed program. For panel proposals, you may include an additional 25 words for each additional presenter.
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Please include a 50-word bio for each presenter. We prefer that bios are written in the third person.
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If you're accepted to present, may we assign you as a moderator to another panel related to your interests? Moderator responsibilities are to briefly introduce the presenters, notify presenters of time remaining, and lead the Q&A following the presentation.
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This year, we will designate one presentation room for livestream, and another presentation room will be designated for Skype presenters. Your answer here will have no affect on conference acceptance - this question is solely for room scheduling purposes. **INTERNATIONAL PRESENTERS: If you cannot attend the conference due to a denied visa or concerns regarding U.S. travel restrictions, please contact the conference organizers so we can schedule a Skype presentation and waive your registration fees. For all other Skype presenters, we still require you to register for the conference and pay the applicable fees. Since Skype allows significant financial savings for travel expenses, registration waivers will not be awarded for Skype presentations on the basis of financial need. http://www.wallaceconference.com/p/contact.html
Trigger Warnings and Conference Presentations *
If a presentation includes graphic descriptions of sex, violence, or hate speech, we may place a notice in the conference program to let attendees know beforehand. This is out of respect for attendees who may have experienced such events personally, and to allow them the choice of attending another panel if appropriate. Your answer here will have no affect on conference acceptance - this question is solely for room scheduling and audience notification purposes. We reserve the sole right to determine which works may or may not require a trigger warning in the conference program, but we will certainly work with you to ensure that our application of trigger warnings serves as an accurate representation of presentations at the conference.
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