Base Camp BETA Version Feedback Survey
Hi Beta Testers,

Thank you for your feedback! Your input is so important for the process of perfecting Base Camp and getting it ready for official launch in 2021.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Melody Stanford Martin
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Did you try Base Camp out with other people, or just review the booklet?
If you tried it out with others, how many people and what were their demographics (age/gender/race/ethnicity)? How do you know them?
What was your first impression of Base Camp when you opened it? Do you have any thoughts on the look and feel of the design?
How clear were the instructions? Any room for improvement? (pages 9-13)
What are your thoughts about the Challenge experience? (pages 17-24)
What are your thoughts about the reflection process? (pages 26-27)
What are your thoughts about the Facilitator's Guidebook and the supplemental resources at the end of the booklet (pages 32-69)?
Were there any "bugs" or hiccups you ran into in the use of this tool?
What kinds of groups do you think would enjoy and/or benefit from this process?
Any last thoughts or things I should be aware of?
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