2021 - 2022 Fall Class Signup

All classes will start on on Zoom. Classes with Ms. Advani, Mr. Pham, and Ms. Irby will be online only, all school year long. Classes with Mr. Simon and Mr. Zybul will likely, eventually have an in-person component, but the exact nature of that has yet to be determined. All students will always be allowed to stay online if they so choose. We have offered online classes since long before COVID-19.

Once we receive this form, we will confirm availability then send an invoice or contact you to give alternative times. We take payments via digital check/ACH transfer through our provider, Bill & Pay. Payment must be completed within 48 hours of invoicing to secure a spot. Delays mean the spot will go to someone else.

5% Loyalty Discount - Previous full-school-year students signing up for a new full school year.
5%, 3%, or 1% Summer Discount - 3 summer courses from 2021 gives 5% off fall 2021-22 classes. 2 summer courses = 3% off. 1 summer course = 1% off.  This is for an individual student, not a family.
5% Brother/Sister Discount - Sorry, no cousins or friends.
15% Second Class Discount - Add a reading class!  Sign up for two full school year classes to receive 15% off the second class only. Only for the same student.  This is not a sibling discount, and classes from previous terms do not count as the first class. These discounts will be applied to the lesser-priced class if there is a difference in price.

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Subject - Grade Range - Day - Time - Teacher - Status - Class Size - Rate. The price varies by rate. The Normal Rate covers 8:1 groups with most teachers as well as large groups with Mr. Simon. The Simon Rate is for small groups with Mr. Simon. The Private Rate is for 1:1 classes. Mr. Simon does not offer private classes. College Counseling also has its own rate. Classes with Ms. Advani, Mr. Pham, and Ms. Irby will remain online throughout the school year. Classes with Mr. Simon and Mr. Zybul may, when safe, return to being in-person part of the time. The exact setup of in-person classes has not yet been decided. Safety is our primary concern. Students will always have the option to stay online, no matter the class. We have always allowed some students to join online while others join in person.
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ALL PRICES ARE PREPAID. If you pay for half a school year and then pay for the second half, you will end up paying the half-school-year rate twice, which is more expensive than prepaying the entire school year. There is no upgrading. The best rate is to prepay the entire school year.
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