Unifier Volunteer Application~2018
Greetings! Thank you for your interest in being part of the UnifierTeam this year! Please fill out this year's application so we can get to know you a bit! We'll be in touch to let you know if you've been accepted and will follow up with deposit information!

Build/Strike (Pre/Post) Festival Shifts: 20 hours (2 days of 10 hour shifts + 2 meal breaks) with meals on work days and camping included.
During Festival Shifts: 18 hours (3 days of 6 hour shifts). Meals are not included.

We have a $25 application fee + $180 deposit that will be refunded following the week of the event and verification of completed shifts.
Please send this via PayPal to: volunteerdeposits@unifierfestival.com

We aim to assign shifts on different days (no back to back) so that we can do our best to be fair both to you and other volunteers.

Accepted applications are based on availability, experience, and skills. We will respond within a couple of weeks with the status of your application. All applicants must be 18 years of age as of the first day of volunteering unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Please contact VolunteerCoordinator@UnifierFestival.com if you have any questions. You may only submit this form once so please check answers for accuracy.
Thank you for wanting to share this journey with us! We’re excited to collaborate with all of you on our next adventure! See you soon ;)

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