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This summer, GardHouse is connecting college students of color with minority-owned businesses to complete paid short-term projects that will build each student’s portfolio of work. While students are receiving work-based experience, businesses receive help with regular operations at a reduced cost through each student’s efforts. Once a business confirms that their project is completed, GardHouse will send funds directly to the student’s bank account.

Why we are doing this work:

GardHouse exists to grow and develop college students of color into the next generation of workforce leaders. As Charlotte confronts the upward social mobility crisis and COVID-19 pandemic, a gap remains for college students of color seeking employment. Over the last 50 years, students of color were found twice as likely to be unemployed upon graduating. With COVID-19 forcing many students to adjust their academic calendars, Glassdoor found a fifty-two percent reduction in internship opportunities for students nationally. Due to this unprecedented time, both students of color and small businesses in Charlotte are facing major challenges. Ninety-five percent of black-owned businesses are more likely to not receive stimulus money according to the Center for Responsible Lending. GardHouse would like to assist small businesses with immediate needs while simultaneously providing college students of color an opportunity to utilize their skills.

Building a strong and resilient workforce is necessary for restoring Charlotte's small business sector. If you are a small business in Charlotte and need assistance with a project, please complete the application below. Please allow five business days for review and response.
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