IMA Conference Crasher Application
Why be an IMA Conference Crasher - other than it’s a cool thing!
The Iowa Mortgage Association wants to meet new professionals in the mortgage business, so we are inviting 10-15 “young” mortgage professionals to the IMA Fall Convention, Oct. 2-3 in West Des Moines. The IMA Conference Crasher will receive free admission to the conference, as well as have special meetings to enhance exposure to the IMA network.

“Young” isn’t just an age– It’s an attitude!
Anyone who has been in the mortgage business less than 3 years and has not previously attended an IMA conference in the past is welcome to apply. The purpose is to identify people who would not normally have the resources to attend a conference early in their career. Managers can nominate staff members who are rising stars in the mortgage industry.

Crasher Events
In addition to the full line up of conference activities the Crashers will also attend the following events:
Pre-Conference meet up 8:15 Tuesday, Oct. 8
Crasher Scavenger Hunt kick-off 10:15 Tuesday (break)
Introductions to the crowd Wednesday, October 9 prior to the break
Leader Roundtable Lunch on Wednesday, Oct. 9

A chance to speak your name
All IMA Conference Crashers will be recognized throughout the conference with special name badge ribbons, t-shirts and an opportunity to connect with other IMA professionals. This is not a recruiting event– simply a way for the IMA Conference Crasher to connect with seasoned professionals.

DEADLINE IS AUGUST 30, 2019. Applicants will be notified of acceptance to the conference by Thursday, September 12 via email. Contact Darcy Burnett at with questions.

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