WHATLILLYSAYS#57373 Gang Policy
Welcome new members! Please read Lilly´s rules:
#1 What Lilly says is to be obeyed. I´m just trying to make this gang successful and beneficial for all members, so things have to be coordinated by someone.

#2 You must be active in chat, gang fights and in City Kings (CK).

#3 A minimum score per gang fight cycle (3 rounds) will be announced regularly.

#4 If you can´t score in gang fights you must explain why.

#5 CK battles are coordinated. Do as you are told. Don´t engage in random buildings.

#6 Free scout in CK may only be used if it makes sense (e.g. NOT on empty buildings!).

#7 Please, please, pretty please with sugar on top: No gang calls without reason!

#8 Feel free to ask for help in chat and help others if you can!

#9 If someone breaks a rule, tell them.

#10 Lilly is a bitch so if you happen to have submissive feelings: Enjoy. You are welcome.

#11 Always be nice and fun. This is just a game on your telephone. :)

xoxo, Lilly (on forum.catsthegame.com)

P.S.: If you are a new member, confirm that you have read these rules by telling me your nickname. Doing so keeps you from being kicked (at least until you´ve finished your first gang fight cycle, no matter what, promise).

Yep, I´ve read the rules and I promise to be a good, active and fun cat. My C.A.T.S. Nickname is: *
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City Kings Tactical Hints ☆☺
That´s it
Got it all? Then go and have fun, kitten!
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