Black Pearl Swimsuit Wish List
Tell us all about your dream swimsuit. If you could have anything and everything you want- what would it be? Do you struggle to find tankinis for longer torsos? Tired of high waist as the only option for modest bikini bottoms? This is your chance to be heard and have a designer bring your dreams to life. We use all the feedback collected from our customers in the design process so we are delivering swimsuits designed by the women who are going to wear them. While we can't promise every single request will be incorporated, we will analyze the data regularly and pick top 5 trending requests and release collections throughout the year that are made from this wish list.
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Want underwire? Want more coverage on your bottom? This is where you share your thoughts on how the swimsuit should fit.
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One shoulder? Halter top? Like mesh cut outs? This is where you share your thoughts on the shape and styling of the swimsuit.
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Lighter weight? Quicker drying? This is where you share your thoughts on the material we use to make the swimsuit.
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We want this information because it helps us understand if this is an issue that should be addressed across multiple sizes or a specific size.
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Anything else you want to share with us about swimsuits or our shopping experience? We are always looking to improve and serve our customers better.
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