Summer 2017 - ECESS Locker Rental Form
This locker rental form applies for this Summer 2017 session: May 14, 2017 - August 19, 2017
You can choose to rent a locker for the first or both terms below.

Note: successful locker rental is conditional based upon availability of lockers and successful payment of invoice. Filling out this form alone is not sufficient to rent a locker!

You will only receive a locker number once the payment has been made.
Payment method will be cash payments in person in the ECESS office at the following times: Mondays 4pm to 6pm, and Wednesdays 12pm to 2pm. Or you can pay by credit or debit via a Square invoice which we will send you.

You should additionally receive a confirmation email after filling out this form. If you do not, please let us know by emailing This confirmation email does not guarantee a locker, it does confirm that we have received your form and will process forms in order of form submission.

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Are you renewing your locker from last term? *
It is no longer possible to renew your locker anymore. Locks for lockers that had not been requested to be renewed before Saturday May 13, 2017 have been cut. If you are here trying to renew your locker, it is likely your lock was cut and your belongings are in the ECESS office.
Desired locker location (optional)
If you are renewing from last term, please enter your current locker number here. You can enter a desired locker number here. If you don't know what lockers are located where, just indicate the general area you would like the locker, you could write for e.g. machine shop, or 1st floor lab, etc.
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Have you read the Locker Rental Agreement? *
Please read the agreement here (you do not need to fill it out, filling this form does the same thing):
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