SNA Start of School Survey 2020
We had tremendous response to our first SNA start of school survey last year.
(You can read the outcomes here:

This year, we are repeating the survey, to see how (if) things are changing (hopefully for the better).

This information is taken anonymously, however we have added the option to put in your email if you wish. We have also added a couple of questions around Covid-19 and how you feel about returning to school in the new year.

The first few questions are simply to help us better identify where you are right now, and how prepared you are for the year ahead.

You can be located in any part of Ireland so please share this survey once you have completed it.

Thank you,
How long have you been an SNA *
Do you know the pupil(s) you will be supporting this coming year? *
Do you feel ready to support the pupil(s) you will be working with this year? *
This is intentionally a 'Yes' or 'No' answer. It is just generally your gut instinct as of right now, filling out this form.
What is the biggest challenge you feel you will face this year? *
Forget Covid-19 for this answer. (We have additional questions on Covid-19 only at the end). This is just to help understand the normal challenges we face! :)
Do you regularly attend Professional Development course as an SNA? *
If you answered YES: -Who pays for these courses?
Clear selection
If you answered NO: -, what is the reason?
Please check any and all that apply.
What type of challenge(s) does the pupil(s) you are supporting this year have?
Do you feel there is enough information out there for SNAs on supporting pupils with the above?
Clear selection
What courses would you like to see? *
This link here will give you an indication of the current courses. If there are other topics you feel would assist, please note them below as we are compiling the next wave of content to be added before Christmas 2020.
What are your feelings about returning to school in September? *
Any thoughts or concerns about returning in September?
Do you feel that your school will be prepared for returning in September (based on what you know now?) *
For your role as an SNA, is there anything you think you would need extra to help you in the coming year due to Covid-19 precautions? *
Are you or your school, a member of Education Nation Special Needs Training system? *
Would you recommend Education Nation to your school? *
Thank you for taking the time to complete this. All your answers are anonymous. If you want to hightlight or discuss something with us, either an idea for a course you want to deliver yourself that you feel would help your colleagues, or a suggestion to improve to make this more useful to SNAs, please email Joe at
Do you wish to leave your name and email? If so please add it here. If not, no worries. :)
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