Camp Director 2020
Thank you for your interest in serving as camp director! It is a challenging, but rewarding job. We will be hiring one Camp Director this summer and will have 24 Camp Missionaries. Please prayerfully consider the questions below. You must also complete a returning missionary application.

Director Requirements:
-Active Sacramental life
-Committed to living the teachings of the Catholic Church
-Strong leadership skills
-We would like these directors to be a junior or senior in college, but willing to consider anyone with at least one summer of Camp Totus Tuus experience
-Likes to work hard, have fun and lead others to Jesus

We would like to identify a Director by the end of the November. This application will close on November 26.
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Why do you think God may be calling you to serve as a director?
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What is the most important thing about Camp Totus Tuus?
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Tell me about your organization style. How do you keep track of tasks, deadlines, etc?
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Serving as director requires being teachable. How do you best receive feedback and coaching?
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If you were selected as a director, what is one way you'd like to improve Camp?
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What makes you nervous about serving as a director?
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What else would you like to share?
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