Super casual survey about transition stuff
Various assumptions fly around the trans community so I wanted to test things a bit!

There are four questions, and only two are required.

This will close no earlier than 12pm noon UK time on Saturday 24th August 2019, and depending on my energy levels and attention management it might be open longer. If this survey is still open your response will be counted.

To see the results, please keep an eye on:
- Twitter:
- Tumblr:
- Mastodon:



PS: See the gender breakdowns of people who have taken part already here: (Don't worry, it won't bias the results! We just need as many people of as many genders as possible to take part.)
Take part if you are...
- a trans man/boy
- a trans woman/girl
- some kind of nonbinary
- lacking gender

If you are mostly questioning and don't know what you are, you may struggle with all of these questions!

If you are cisgender, please click here:
What's your gender situation right now? *
I'm very aware that gender is more complex than that, but also I want to keep the statistical analysis as simple as possible because I have limited spoons. So, pick the one that is closest for you.
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