Coeur Group Errand Taskforce Order Form
Notice to High-Risk Kootenai County Community Members:

If you or a family member are choosing to stay home due to the Coronavirus the Coeur Group is offering simple errand-running services. Kootenai County residents who are self-quarantining due to being auto-immune suppressed, elderly, or having pre-existing conditions may request an errand, to be run on their behalf. You can request a trip to the grocery store for basic necessities, a bank run, a check of your PO Box, a non-narcotic trip to the pharmacy, trip to the library, or any other simple errand.

We are here to support and help fellow community members who are most susceptible to COVID-19. If necessary, you can leave a check under your door mat and we will leave items on your porch. Further details can be arranged over email. All errand-runners are symptom-free and the team has consulted with local physicians for best practices and are wearing latex gloves. The service will be provided based on availability of volunteers, free of charge.
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