BABSConline Season 2! BABSLab 2021 Panel Application
Thank you for your interest in hosting a panel at BABSCon Online Season 2! BABSLab 2021!

BABSCon Online will be taking place on May 29th-30th. Please check that your panel ideas follow our Code of Conduct (found at ).

Please ensure you have a reliable internet connection on the day you will be hosting your panel, as well as software capable of streaming such as OBS or XSplit (which are free to download).

Last day to apply is April 18th, 2020!

If you have any questions, please email

Join our Discord server:

Oh, and much like our regular convention in California, admission to BABSCon Online is free to anyone who hosts a panel (though BABSCon Online is free to all who attend, but we like to make our panelists feel extra appreciated).
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