Online 1-Card Soul Card Reading by Tania Ho
Price: 550THB 1-card reading

Do you want to know what message the Universe is showing you right now?

If you are at a point of your life where you are going through a transition, a cross-road, a period of uncertainty, or just want to have clarity on where you are heading in your life, then this is for you. Card reading is a great tool to help you reconfirm your gut feelings, find clarity and guidance for the next step in your life.

Based on your question, Tania will pick one card for you, take a photo of the card, and share one paragraph of her insight via email to you.

In this card reading we focus on looking at your current soul lesson regarding to your question.

Please note that card reading is not a fortune-telling tool, and Tania cannot predict the future.

Payment for the 1-card soul card reading must be made before your card reading is sent to you. Payment can be made via paypal here:

Be sure to write in your name and email address in the note of the paypal payment. If you prefer other types of payment methods, feel free to email us at

Please give Tania 3 - 5 days to send you back the card reading by email after your payment is well received. If for some reason you haven't heard back from Tania for a week, please make sure to check your spam/junk folder, or email us at

The 1-card soul card reading is limited to one question.

If you are interested for a follow up or would like to gain more clarity, consider booking a 60-minute Soul Card Reading session with Tania. Feel free to make a booking or inquiry at The current price is 2,200THB per 60-minute session, and it can be offered via Zoom. Payment is accepted via paypal (credit card) or bank transfer. Tania is generally available from Monday to Saturday between 9am - 5pm Thailand time.

Thank you.

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