East Bay Burners - Artists & Projects
EBB is creating a list of active Burning Man artists to work directly with our artist liaison, Sharma Hendel.

Our aim is for our local Burning Man artists be successfully informed, funded and supported in their efforts to bring great art to the playa.

Some of this group's activities include:
1. Seminars and meetups with local experts (e.g., Fundraising, project management, understanding art support services and working with the Artery, etc.)

2. Boosting your communications with the broader East Bay Burners group when looking for donors, volunteers and specialized skills

3. Providing information directly from the Org about key events and dates, and to facilitate information and resource sharing

To join the list, please provide the information below.

NOTE: The traffic on this email list will be infrequent and will focus solely on events and resources for artists. We promise never to use this list to send spam.

Artist's Name
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Which of the following would you find most valuable?
1. Who's this list for? For any burning man artists, especially in the East Bay, who want to be informed about upcoming deadlines, artist resources, artist support events or for artists who wish to publicize their fundraisers and volunteer needs.

2. Is this a group chat? For the moment, communication will be one-way (from us to you) but if we decide as a community that having a group chat would be beneficial and desirable, I will set that up.

3. Is this an official Burning Man channel? No - we are the East Bay Regional Contacts for Burning Man and we maintain the principles of Burning Man but please make sure any of your official correspondence about your art project or needs goes directly through your Burning Man art contacts.

4. Who are you and why are you doing this? I've worked on several art projects at Burning Man and spent the last two years working for Art Support Services. I routinely provide consultations to artists on fundraising and PR. My aim is to use what resources and connections I have to help the broader East Bay Artist community.

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