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FYI is an organized form of communication to the students of Atlanta Leadership College.

There are two types of announcements: General FYI's and Special FYI's.
- General FYI's are basic announcements that can be communicated simply by the Ministry Support leads.
- Special FYI's are more complex announcements that need further details to be explained and will take a longer amount of time. They will also often require the department making the announcement to provide a person to communicate the information in person during FYI. We request that special FYI's be made in 3-5 minutes.

Because time is so valuable, all FYI's will typically be considered a General FYI and communicated by the Ministry Support Leads unless otherwise noted.
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For Special FYI's Only: Who will be communicating this information?
This FYI exceeds the requirements of a general FYI and must be communicated by someone other than the Ministry Support Leads. This information should take 3-5 minutes to communicate to the student body.
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