Your feedback please: Designing your dream morning routine, and making it happen
Thank you for being willing to contribute to the design of this course!

The structure I have in mind is something like this:

1. A morning manifesto, aka Why mornings matter (and why that has nothing to do with what time they start or how much green tea they involve) [audio + transcript]
2. How to leave reality behind and dream big [fillable/printable PDF]
3. How to assess your typical morning: your tracking and scoring tool [spreadsheet + user guide]
4. How to design your dream morning: top 12 factors you need to take seriously [audio + transcript]
5. Your morning brainstorming palette: step by step to mapping out what matters [fillable/printable PDF]
6. How to have breakfast: making good decisions for your first meal of the day [audio + transcript plus fillable/printable PDF]
7.    My top tips and quick fixes: how to easily sidestep the standard traps [PDF checklist]
8. Getting in the mood: a wake-up stretching, breathing, and/or meditation sequence to slot in if you want [audio]
9. Your viable morning blueprint: what you’re going to do and why [fillable/printable PDF]
10. Getting other people onside: what and how to share to help others help (or at least not hinder) you [fillable/printable PDF]
11. Your tracking template: record in real time how the reality compares to the plan (they will not be identical!) [spreadsheet]
12. Review, finetune, iterate: what went to plan, what didn’t, how did it feel, and what do you want to keep, ditch, or adjust? [spreadsheet + fillable/printable PDF]
13.  Expanding your horizons: if what's possible now isn't what you really dream of, how can you work towards bringing the ultimate dream closer? [audio + transcript, fillable/printable PDF]
14. Report back to me: what do you want me to know about how this went for you and what’s next? [short online questionnaire]
15. 4 weeks of little prompts, reminders, and extra suggestions from me, to help you really build all this into your life [mini emails]

A 30-minute 1-1 coaching session with me could also be an optional add-on, during the planning or the review phase or during/after the 4-week follow-up phase.

By the time you’ve finished this course you’ll know how you want your days to begin, you’ll have planned with precision and insight, and you’ll have tried out at least once how it feels to live a real-life version of your dream. You’ll know how to repeat and refine so that before long, the realistic dream is your default and maybe some less realistic ones are possibilities you’re confidently working towards.

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So, I'd love your input as I finalize the course design. Let me know what you think in the following questions.
1.a) The cost of the course will be approximately GBP 100 / USD 125 for lifetime access. It will probably require a total of about 7 hours of your time, plus what’s needed for carrying out your morning plans. Are you interested in taking this course?
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1.b) Please say more about why you gave this answer. Be as specific as you can!
2. If you decided to buy and take this course, what would be your reason for doing so? What exactly would you be wanting to achieve? Why does this matter to you?
3. If you could change something about the course, or add something to it, what would it be?
4. What frustrates you most about your morning routines (or lack of)?
5. Tell me about a morning in the last month or so that felt either really wonderful or really awful. What happened, at the time and maybe later in the day? How exactly did you feel? How long did the feeling last? Did you do anything differently as a result? Please be as detailed as possible. (You can describe both a good and a bad morning if you like!)
6. What have you tried in the past to improve how your days get started? Tell me more: What went well, what could have gone better, how did you feel after, what stuck and what didn't?
7.a) Have you taken any online or in-person course in the past 2 years (other than courses compulsory for your work or studies)?
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7.b) If yes, what was the course and what did you gain from it?
8. Is there anything else morning-related or course-related you'd like to share?
9.a) May I follow up with you on anything you’ve shared here?
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9.b) Would you like to be notified as soon as the course is available?
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9.c) If you said yes to either, please add your name and preferred email address here.
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