Tech Council- Mentor Submission
Tell about yourself and your professional journey and current job/work [30-60 seconds - approximately 75 - 125 words].
Set camera/phone to landscape mode and either take a selfie video or have someone take it. The background can be a light colored wall or an interesting landscape including your office, lab or outside of your building or other interesting space or activity that highlights your position and/or what the company does.

EXAMPLE: Hi, my name is Jane Doe and after graduating with a communications degree I took a sales job at 'company' for a few years and then moved to my current firm, 'company,' where I am a product manager and oversee and manage the 'product/service'. I work with a team of creative colleagues who are located here in New Jersey and at our offices in California and Europe. I have learned so much at 'company' and am lucky to work with a great group of people where I can make a lasting impact. I'm happy to share what I've learned and answer any questions you might have about working in the Marketing field.

NOTE: At any point, you can update your video or remove your video; simply email us at

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