AP Seminar Interest Form
This form must be completed in order to be placed in the AP Seminar course.
What school do you attend?
What grade are you going to be in for the 2018-2019?
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What is your first name?
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Have you taken an honors course in language arts?
Describe a passion or interest that you have that you have explored on your own. How did you go about learning more about that passion or interest? What did you gain through the process?
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AP Seminar requires students be inquisitive individuals capable of independent and self sustained learning. Describe how you would be able to show these characteristics and what experiences you have that are relevant.
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AP Seminar requires students are successful team members and that they can collaborate with others. Students must also be capable presenters. Describe experiences you have had that would prepare you for these expectations.
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Describe why you want to take AP Seminar.
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For more information on the AP Capstone program, please see the College Board website and the student brochure below.
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