Rowan XA Fall Retreat 2019 Logistics Form
Please fill out this form to help us prepare for the Fall Retreat!

Please also note that you will need:
- Bed sheets or sleeping bag
- Pillow
- Comfortable, warm clothes (we will be possibly sitting on the ground, moving around and spending time by a fire at night)
- Sneakers, boots or shoes you can play games in (ie don't just bring flip-flops)
- Physical, paper Bible if you have one
- Notebook and pen
- Snacks if you have specific snacking desires
- Towel (if you plan to shower)
- Toiletries (deodorant, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc)
- Shower shoes (if you do that kinda thing)
- Cash for spending money (like dinner on the way down on Friday or lunch on the way home Sunday)
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If you aren't definitely coming, please mark "other" and give a brief description of how likely you are to come, and any other relevant information.
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