Indoor 19-20
Are you interested in spinning for the indoor season? Please fill in the information below and check out our website!
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This year we may have the option of two teams. Varsity would be our competitive team, competing in our class for scores and an award. Rehearsals and competition dates for them would all be mandatory and non-negotiable. JV would be our clinical team, honing their skill, attending competitions as spectators and helping their team with equipment and the floor when needed. JV Team members would rehearse at the same time as the Varsity but would have a more flexible schedule. Attending competitions would be on a sign-up basis and you would have to go to at least one (or more). There would be 4 total.
If we had two guards, would you be interested in auditioning for Varsity?
Would there be any conflicts to consider during the season? (List ALL possible conflicts including sports, family matters, church things, musicals, etc)
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For funsies- what type of show would you like to perform this year?
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