JHU Mineralogy Lecture Series
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The Mineralogy Lecture Series, or MLS for short, will have the following format:
4-4:30 PM Pre-lecture discussion led by Prof. June Wicks with her students.
4:30-5:30 PM Lecture
5:30-6 PM C&Q (Cookies and Questions) (not to be confused with Cristobalite and Quartz) with the speaker.

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Upcoming Seminars (Olin 247)
Spring 2019 Theme: \bf{Modelling and Experimental challenges in Cosmochemistry}

W 9/5/18, 4:30 PM --- Prof. Bill McDonough (U. Maryland). Solar system initiation and its early, rapid growth and differentiation of planets

W 9/12/18, 4:30 PM --- Dr. Riccardo Bolis (CNRS). Laser shock compression studies of MgO-SiO2 systems at high pressures

W 9/19/18, 4:30 PM --- Prof. Sonia Tikoo (Rutgers). Title TBA. \emph{topic: remanent magnetism and timing of planetary differentiation}

W 9/26/18, 4:30 PM --- Dr. Raymond Smith (LLNL). Experimental studies of Fe on the National Ignition Facility

** T 10/2/18, 4:30 PM --- Dr. Sally June Tracy (Princeton University). Probing structural changes in germanate analogues of Bridgmanite with Synchrotron Moessbauer Spectroscopy.
**note special day of the week

W 10/3/18, 4:30 PM --- Dr. Curtis Williams (UC Davis). Origin of volatiles in the mantle.

W 10/10/18, 4:30 PM --- Jenna Frye (HEMI). Control the Environment, not the Student. \emph{topic: a discussion of effective teaching)
*** In Malone G33/35***

W 10/17/18, 4:30 PM --- Prof. Miki Nakajima (U. Rochester). Title TBA. \emph{topic: modeling planetary formation}

W 10/31/18, 4:30 PM --- Dr. Matt Weller (UT Austen). Title TBA. topic: modelling planetary interior evolution

W 11/7/18

W 11/14/18

Spring 2019 Theme: anisotropy mechanisms at extreme conditions [especially in deep planetary interiors].

W 2/6/19 --- Melissa Sims (Stonybrook)
W 2/13/19 --- Prof. Steve Kidder (CCNY)
W 2/20/19 --- Dr. Suzanne Ali (LLNL) topic: Using 2-D VISAR to gain insights
W 3/13/19 --- Prof. Jessica Irving (Princeton) topic: insights into
W 3/27/19 --- Prof. Lowell Miyagi (U. Utah) topic: insights into B1-B2 transition mechanism at high pressure in a diamond anvil cell from X-ray diffraction
(W 4/10/19)
W 4/17/19 --- Dr. Hy Bui (L'Oreal) topic: rheology of makeup-- how studying materials science allows us to design better cosmetics
W 5/1/19 --- Sébastien Merkel (UMET, CNRS - Université de Lille)

Related Seminars/activities:
Th 9/6/18, 12:00 PM -- June Wicks, JHU (Earth & Planetary Science Bromery Lecture, Olin 305)

Th 11/18/18, 12:00 PM -- Prof. Michael Manga, Berkeley (Earth & Planetary Science Bromery Lecture, Olin 305)

Th 11/15/18, 12:00 PM -- Prof. Steve Jacobsen, Northwestern University (Earth & Planetary Science Bromery Lecture, Olin 305)

F 12/7/18, 1:30 PM --- Prof. Paul Asimow, Caltech (Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute Seminar, Malone G33/35)

W-F 4/3-5/19, --- Mach Conference in Annendale, VA. http://machconference.org/

F 4/12/19, --- Yuri's Night Celebration (https://yurisnight.net/)

W 5/2/19 --- Sébastien Merkel, CNRS - Université de Lille (Earth & Planetary Science Bromery Lecture, Olin 305)

Past Seminars
Spring 2018 --- Mineralogy across the Geosciences

W 5/2/18, 3:30 PM--- Dr. Miki Nakajima (Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institute). "Unveiling Planetary History from Mineralogy"

Th 4/12/18, 1:30 PM--- Dr. Neil Treat (Imerys). "Minerals: From Mine to Market".

W 4/11/18, 3:30 PM--- Dr. Ken Livi (JHU). "Reverse engineering of a boney scale: An application of applied mineralogy and characterization to discover the design principals of nature"

M 3/12/18 4:00 PM--- Jessica Leuders-Dumont (Princeton University). "Nitrogen fractionation of carbonate-bound organic matter in modern and fossil fish otoliths"

W 3/7/18 3:30 PM--- Dr. David Elbert (JHU). "Data Science in Material Science and Mineralogy"

W 2/14/18, 3:30 PM--- Dr. Natalia Solomatova (ENS de Lyon). "Investigating iron's spin crossover behavior in lower-mantle minerals and its effect on phase stability using experimental and computational methods"

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