AWANA Contact Information 2022
Please complete this form to register your child for the upcoming AWANA year.
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Fees - Please bring a check to the first night of club.
Puggles (age 2): Registration $25*, T-shirt $12
Cubbies (ages 3-5, pre-k): Registration $25*, Bag $10, Vest $15
Sparks (grades K-2): Registration $25*, Bag $10,  Vest $15
T&T (grades 3-5): Registration $25*, Bag $15, Shirt $20

*Registration fee: $25 for one child; $45 for two children, $60 for three or more
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If you would like to purchase a vest or shirt, please indicate the size you would like. Keep in mind that you child will wear it for the entirety of their current program, so you may want to purchase larger than their current size.
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