10 May 2018
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Principal Haydon Brill wrote, "Kia ora. This is simply humbling. Thank you so much.Your thoughts and actions are amazing and strengthen our resolve to be better and stronger... That video is amazing lots of emotion.Just wow. Thank you...we are not alone. Regards, Haydon
Sports Calendar
Franklin Soccer Yr 3 & 4 Thursday 24 May @ A&P Showgrounds Pukekohe
Franklin Soccer Yr 5 & 6 Thursday 24 May @ Tuakau Domain
Franklin Tackle Rugby Friday 8 June
Franklin Gym Festival Yr 3 & 4 Wednesday 4 July
Franklin Orienteering Results.
Year 8
1st- Boys A
1st- Girls A
1st- Mixed term

Year 7
1st- Boys A
2nd- Girls B

Year 6 and Below
1st- Girls A
2nd- Girls B

Well done to the following students who ran the fastest time for their course:
Johno, Damian, Tristan, Kelvin, Hayden, Cody, Sasha, Samantha, Danica, Ella, Nikita, Luke, Max, Grace, Ava, Lily,
Angus, Madeleine, Samantha, Olivia, Zara, Alyssa and Isabella

An outstanding result for all Bombay students!

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