The Pin Show | February 18, 2017 | Emerging / Established Designer Application

The Pin Show 2018 - 10 Year Anniversary Event!
The Bomb Factory Dallas
This application is for the Emerging Designer, the designer who is just getting started, just launching, or who want to limit their runway investment for the unparalleled ROI of The Pin Show production, press, and attendance.

Dallas' Premiere Independent Runway Event - Featuring Established and Emerging Fashion and Accessory Designers

Choose 6-10 Walks on this amazing runway, worn by professional models at a professionally produced event in front of thousands of people, featuring your name on the BIG SCREEN!  

Gain access to press opportunities, Professional Runway Photography, Stylists, and Recognition of your line by some of Dallas' most fashionable people, top bloggers and editors.
The last 2 years event SOLD OUT to over 2000 people!!
Please be sure to check out our website for images and video of past events.

How To Apply:
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY before applying.
1. Complete and Submit ALL parts of the Designer Application by deadline November 1, 2017
2. Submit Designer Application Fee , we will send you a paypal request to pay, within 24 hours of your application, please watch for this, and follow up if you do not see this, in case of error.
Applications without full payment cannot be considered. Please do not apply until you are ready to pay the application fee, as applications without payment will be discarded as incomplete.
If designer is not chosen a refund minus a $50.00 application fee will be refunded by November 11, 2017
3. Designers will be reviewed based on their online application and will be notified no later than November 9, 2017 if they have made it through to the in-person interview.  Please see number 4 for the dates of these interviews, as they are the week after you will receive notice that you have made it through to the next round
After the In-person interviews, The Pin Show advisory board will choose and notify The Pin Show 2018 designers by email no later than November 6th.  Designers who complete the interview process and are chosen will no longer be eligible for a refund.
4. The in-person interviews will take place November 19 & 20th. Please pencil these dates into your calendar now, you will receive an email to choose your interview time slot interviews will be held during the day on Sunday and afternoon/evenings on the weekdays. At this in person interview you will be asked to bring sample garments to show past work, sketches ,mood boards and/or presentations to show your Pin Show 2018 Collection.  If these dates pose any problems for you, please email us upon application at so that we can discuss another time.
Designers who live outside the travel area can arrange for a SKYPE interview, on the INTERVIEW DATES.
5. Designers who are accepted to The Pin Show 2018 will receive notification by November 21st and the designer list will post to our website and press contacts shortly after.
* Submitting Images: Please submit a link to at least 4-6 images (if you do not have a website, please use Google Drive / Photos Album.  Do not use your facebook page or other password protected sites)
Images should be with a simple or seamless background, Clothing should be the focal point.
If images are too dark or blurry your application may not be accepted and/or images may not be used for promotion.
Do not put your names on the actual image/photo.
Images may be of past/present work but must represent similar work to the collection you plan to showcase or produce for The Pin Show.
If you do not have a website/etsy/facebook with these images, please upload to a Google Drive Folder and send us a link.  Remember to remove any password protection, so that we can view your images.
The Pin Show is a carefully curated runway event with a select number of designers from each genre of fashion, so please note that we cannot accept all designers who apply and will seek to change up the show each year.  If you have participated in The Pin Show in the past, be sure to show us something fresh and new as this is what our attendees are expecting from us.

Designers will choose below whether they wish to showcase 6 or 10 full looks on the runway - 80% of the looks on the runway must be new for The Pin Show and not shown anywhere else prior to the event

Models, Hair & Make up, Backstage, Music, Photographers and all other aspects of event / runway production are provided by The Pin Show.

As always, designers will not be involved in any aspect of event production,  you will be able to sit back and enjoy the show and mingle with guests.

Designers will be provided with a Designer Badge + 1 Guest Badge and will have assigned seating at the show.
Accepted designers will need to complete all looks and be notified of a drop off / shipping location 3 weeks prior to the event.  The exact date will be sent to accepted designers.
Estimated Date is JANUARY 27th, please make a note of this.  LATE DROP OFFS NOT ACCEPTED.

Any garments that are shipped to us will need to be track-able and insured.  We must have garments 3 weeks prior to complete model fittings and show production.

The Pin Show is not like other fashion shows, and this is the 10th Year event, but you know this already, so get ready for another evolution brought to you by a show that continues to break boundaries and get award winning recognition in Dallas

What to look for when applying: this is a curated show, you will be judged on your concepts, cohesiveness of collection, quality, and qualifications as an independent designer.
Designers may apply for more than one spot, if you wish to showcase more than one genre of clothing, such as RTW and Evening, you must apply separately for each.
Designers may mix Mens/Womens but not genres within their collection.
Each accepted designer application is granted 6 or 10 complete looks within their collection that will showcase on the runway.
If your application is not complete, it will be discarded. You must complete the number of looks you sign up for to qualify to show.  No exceptions.
Please take the time to complete each detail of this application.
Designer who apply and are accepted but choose not to participate are not entitled to a refund.
Please answer all questions honestly and accurately to the best of your ability.   
Further specifics of the event will be detailed to you at the in person interview, as well as in your acceptance package, if you are accepted.
Again, please note that we are taking this show into yet another direction and it will be different than years prior, so get ready, we are excited to meet you and see what you have for 2018!
If you have questions, please email us at, do not post questions to our social media, send us an email and we will get back with you as soon as we can. Thank you.


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Image by Thomas Garza
Images from The Pin Show 2016 at The Bomb Factory
Image by Thomas Garza
Image by Thomas Garza | Dragonfly Agency | Jiani Chen
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Please understad that The Pin Show is a Fashion Event for Established and Emerging Designers who produce their own lines or have them manufactured in their local economies at a fair wage.
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Briefly Describe to us your runway looks and the overall production. We understand this might change a bit as you begin desigining. *
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Please provide us with an artist statement, written in the 3rd person, this will be used for media, runway introduction and the press. (check spelling and grammar) *
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If chosen as a designer, will you be interested in the marketplace opportunity? Do you have product available to set up a marketplace mini-boutique? *
Designers will have the opportunity to host their own booth this year on the ground level of The Bomb Factory, if desired.
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