The Columbia Journal of History: Rolling Staff Application

The Columbia Journal of History (CJH) is a publication of the Undergraduate History Council at Columbia University. We review student submissions from history departments across the United States and abroad, and then select the most exemplary among them to be published in the Journal. CJH is formally sponsored by the Columbia Department of History and Columbia University Libraries. We are a founding member of the Society of Undergraduate Humanities Publications (SUHP); we also maintain close personal relationships with the Yale Historical Review, the Vanderbilt Historical Review, History Matters, and the Armstrong Undergraduate Journal of History.

The Rolling Staff Application considers applicants for the position of Archivist. Members of the Editorial Board may request a different position upon the Reevaluation Form provided at the end of the semester.

Archivists are additional Journal staff on the Editorial Board responsible for copy editing, source checking, or administrative work.

Please note that the CJH Editorial Board is constrained to the following parameters:

3-4 Managing Editors
12-15 Editors
4-7 Archivists

Please also note that the CAHI (Columbia Art History Initiative) Editorial Board is capped to 8 Editors.

Though not all the fields are required, we highly encourage applicants to complete as much as possible. If you wish to rescind your application, please immediately email us from the email you provided during your application. Furthermore, if you would like to provide us with any further materials in support of your application, feel free to email us at the same address.

The application is rolling and does not close. Interviews will be administered at the discretion of the Columbia Journal of History Staff. Applicants will be notified of their application status within a week of their application.

You can email us directly at

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