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Three Full Scholarships to Attend "Intersections: How Can History Education Change Today?"
The EUROCLIO project "Decisions and Dilemmas" will launch learning materials and have workshops specifically about how to teach the European Union. From this project, EUROCLIO is able to offer three scholarships for full participation in the 2017 Annual Conference. Learn more about the conference at euroclio.eu/sansebastian.
"Decisions and Dilemmas II: Exploring European Union History through the Lens of Contemporary Issues"
The project “Decisions and Dilemmas: Exploring European Union history through the lens of contemporary issues” resulted in a series of learning resources that are ready to use in history and citizenship classes at secondary school level across Europe. The focus is on contemporary issues for the European Union, related to economic imbalances; energy dependency; trade in a global context; the EU potential global power, and opening Europe’s borders for people. The activities will take contemporary dilemmas and draw up their historical context in order to inform students’ understanding of why we are where we are and why different parties act the way they do. Published on Historiana as part of the bigger unit ‘Changing Europe’, the resources feature in the section on the EU in the context of a changing world. By engaging with topics and issues that resonate with importance for the continent today, students will be able to use the past to contextualise the world around them, deepen their understanding of the European Union and develop a reasoned approach to assessing the extent to which it is successful in managing conflict, and reasons for successes and failures.

More about Decisions and Dilemmas: euroclio.eu/projects/decisions-and-dilemmas-ii/.

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