The social perception of COVID-19 risk and diffusion
Dear participant,

an international network of researchers is promoting an exploratory study on the perception and the assessment of the risk related to the diffusion of COVID-19 virus.

We invite you to participate in the study by sincerely answering the questionnaire elaborated by a team of the University Giustino Fortunato in Italy. We guarantee the complete anonymity of your responses. No sensitive data will be collected and stored. Data collected will be elaborated only in statistical and collective form, without any possibility of identifying the respondent.

How to fill out the questionnaire

It is easy to answer the questions. Just check the box that best represents your point of view. It is important to answer all the questions, without skipping any of them. There are no right or wrong answers, no assessment is made on your answers, neither a score of merit or ability is calculated. The study focuses on the way people consider the COVID-19 flu, and on the choices and behaviors they are more likely to adopt.

The success of the questionnaire
The success of the study depends on your collaboration, the accuracy of the answers and compliance with the instructions. All the information collected, elaborated scientifically and statistically, will be collected and published into a final research report that will be published at the end of the research. The time required to fill the questionnaire is between 15 and 20 minutes on average . We hope that once you complete the questionnaire, you will want to share it with relatives, friends and colleagues through the communication channels that are most comfortable for you. You will find more information about the research at the end of the questionnaire.

For any further inquiry you can contact: studycovid19(at)

The study is carried out by an international team of researchers from the following universities:
Universitá Giustino Fortunato, Italy
University of Oslo, Norway
Universitá di Salerno, Italy
Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
University of Tallin, Estonia
Ritsumeikan University, Japan
University of Sydney, Australia
University of Aix-Marseille
Sigmund Freud Privat University, Austria
University of Luxembourg
East China Normal University, China
Gadja Mada University, Indonesia

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