Feedback Form for MET: Changeling: The Dreaming - Beta Slice
Thank you for exploring the alpha slice of By Night Studios’ new MET: Changeling: The Dreaming rules! If you have not yet downloaded the game preview, it is available for free at or

We’re excited about the development of this game and very interested in hearing suggestions from our players. To that end, we’ve created a brief list of questions to help you provide feedback to us. We’d appreciate it if you’d answer our questions and give us your suggestions.

Remember, the mechanics provided in the beta slice are in an early phase of development. Further, the overall setting and history of the world will be covered in the complete rulebook, and is not fully represented in the preview. Useful feedback focuses on the specifics presented in this document, rather than hypothesizing on material not presented here.

The By Night Studios development team accepts feedback via e-mail to

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