Book Clubs: Peer and Self-Reflection 2020
Help your classmates improve their presentation-giving skills. Be kind and constructive. Words matter. Thanks!
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How well did the group focus on the way that the author uses language for a particular audience or purpose? (which is the goal of your discussion) --Required unless you were absent
Little new information was shared that is academically or socially useful. #meh
Very prepared: my worldview will now be more analytical and evidence-based. #imshook
What did you learn from this experience about presenting, language, or the world? --Required unless you were absent
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Any compliments or constructive feedback that might benefit another presenter? Be kind and helpful. --Required unless you were absent
This space is where you tell us if things are going great in your group discussion. Let us know who is doing a great job and with what, and if you're concerned a student isn't bringing as much to this learning experience as you are, you can also let us know.
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Were there snacks?
Connect your book to any other text or history unit you've studied in 8th, 9th, or 10th grade classes, thematically or structurally or in terms of conventions, to the presentation given (complete ideas). --Required unless you were absent *
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