Studio for Interrelated Media | Semester Planning Form | FA19
This form is an opportunity for you to invent your educational and artistic path. It is not intended to be “busy work”. Please take time filling out this form. Ask for help if you need it. It may be returned to you for a redo if sufficient effort is not evident. This form is due to be submitted by Thursday, September 12 by 7:00 pm.
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What kinds of work are you planning on making and developing this semester in SIM? Please include specific information about media, materials, and forms. *
What ideas, themes, and conceptual topics will you be investigating this semester and how are you planning to deepen your knowledge and research on these topics? *
Ideally, how many times (at least twice) do you plan to present your work and/or ideas in the semester to best support your experimentation, research, and creation? Presentations can be fully realized works, proposals, concepts, outlines, models, and works in progress. Please read the requirements in the SIM Major Studio class syllabus for more information. *
List artists, historical movements, authors, scientists, websites, activists and an any other ideas you will research this semester. Also, list a few books or articles with specific titles, names, and references. Please visit the Research page on the SIM site for guidance *
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