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Thanks for your interest in Cabin Radio! If you want to get on the air with a show of your own, or have a great show idea that you think we should pursue (even if you don't want to be on-air yourself), you've come to the right place. Fill out this form with as much detail as you can, and we'll be in touch.
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This doesn't have to be the final title of your show: just provide something we can use as a working title for now.
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If more than one applies, please indicate the primary language – the one you'll most frequently use when broadcasting.
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Use this space to provide as much detail as you like about your show concept. Remember to include: a basic outline of what the show is about; who we can expect to hear on the show; examples of tracks you might hear on the show, if you're playing music; and examples of topics you might cover, if you're planning a specialist, news or talk show, etc.
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What will listeners get from your show? *
Will it be knowledge about a topic? Will they be exposed to new music? Will they be moved by what they hear, or learn more about the place they call home? Or will they just get to laugh a lot? Tell us what you hope your listeners will get out of hearing the show you're pitching.
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Give us an indication of which time slots are likely to work best for you to record a show (if you're interested in being part of the show you're pitching! Leave this blank if not). Select all that apply. If your schedule changes too frequently to know for sure, leave this blank.
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Use this box to provide us with any other information you think is important. (Examples: other people you'd like to collaborate with on this project and their contact details; times you'll be out of town and unable to record; special requirements such as equipment, accessibility etc).
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Some important stuff *
We won't steal your show idea. When you submit a concept to us and we like it, we'll want to work with you to get it on the air. If you're unavailable and are not willing to let us develop your idea separately, we will leave it there. When you submit a show pitch to us, you acknowledge that the vast majority of Cabin Radio's shows are volunteer-driven and you're unlikely to get paid (at least until we're making enough money to pay you! If we can, we will, but we'll provide you with a separate agreement when we reach that happy point). Very importantly, Cabin Radio will provide you with professional support to make your show sound amazing BUT we do ask that you commit to a minimum number of episodes (usually 12) to ensure consistency in our scheduling, give your show a chance to flourish, and provide continuity to our listeners. If you're unable to make that kind of commitment, please mention that to us. You can email with any queries regarding this or any other element of show production.
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