Coalition for Home Repair HUD VHRMP FY22 Intent Form
This form is due by 11:59pm EDT on August 3. You will be notified by August 10 whether or not you've been selected to apply for this grant with the Coalition.
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1. What is the maximum number of homes of disabled Veterans that your organization would like to repair/modify with this grant between Feb 2023 - Dec 2024? *
The minimum is 5.
2. If funded, our organization will match the VHRMP funds with 50% matching funds (volunteer labor is acceptable, federal funding is not) and 20% leveraged funds (cash funding preferred, can be federal). *
The VHRMP funds will be an average of $10K per home, so the match is an average of $5K per home, and the leverage is $2K per home.
3. Did your organization have an audit for your most recently completed fiscal year? *
4. If you have any past experience with HUD grants or other federal grants, briefly describe it here. If you were a subrecipient (ex: for CDBG), mention that. *
5. How many Veterans are currently on your home repair waiting list? *
6. If you have established relationships with Veteran Service Organizations or community partners that refer Veteran clients to you, list them and briefly describe your relationship. *
7. Please share a statistic or quote about the need for home repair/modification for Veterans in the community(ies) that you would serve with this grant. *
We recommend asking your VSO or other community partner for this.
8. Which state(s) and county(ies) do you anticipate using these grants funds in? *
Maximum of 4 counties.
9. If your organization would serve clients in a Promise Zone with this grant, list it here. If not, type "n/a". *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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