2019 Onboarding Info Survey
Thanks for taking the time to complete this informational survey for the Onboarding team! We are excited to get to know you better and support you through our time together.
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Do you have a name you prefer to be called that is different from your first name? If so, please let us know which name you prefer:
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We will send you important information to this email regarding action items, Hiring, Licensure and Summer Training. Please choose a permanent email address.
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This is the number we will use to reach out to you in the Spring and Summer throughout Onboarding and Summer Training.
What T-shirt size do you wear? *
We will provide you with a Chicago-Northwest Indiana TFA T-shirt at Summer Training. All shirts are cotton-based and unisex sizing.
Do you have any dietary restrictions? Check all that apply.
Before we begin gathering information around hiring, we'd like to know if you're expecting a decision on a Fulbright or other competitive fellowship offer (one that would grant you a deferral). If so, please indicate the date when you'll be notified:
Religious Observations
We value and appreciate the diverse backgrounds of all our corps members.
Do you participate in any religious observations that might have implications for the schedule at Onboarding events, Hiring events or Summer Training (i.e., per religious observances you need to leave early every Friday to attend a religious service, Ramadan, etc)?  *
If yes, please specify:
Please note that you only need to include weekday conflicts, as you will not be teaching on the weekends.
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