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Thank you for your interest in the SD60 2017/2018 Beginning Band Program!

Due to a huge demand for this program and several years of wait lists, we have changed to an online sign up only with proportional representation. Online sign up ensures that sign up is first come, first serve, and proportional representation means that there is a limited number of spots per elementary school to ensure that students from all SD60 elementary schools have the opportunity to participate in the band program.

School District No. 60’s beginning band is offered in grade 6, and students can then continue on with band in their middle school and high school years. Band students learn how to read, play, and respond to music. A music education can provide students with inspiration, spark creativity, develop leadership, expand horizons, and create friendships. Band is a course that consists of 2 day classes and 1 night class per week. In addition, each year students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of increasingly more exciting trips. Our beginners start with a day retreat, and by the time they go to high school, we have taken high school students as far as Cuba and New York!

Night Band is 1 hour, once per week: Mondays 5:30pm-6:30pm in the Bert Bowes Band Room. For this rehearsal, all the feeder schools meet together for a fun and exciting mass band rehearsal. We recommend students arrive at 5:15 to set up, and students are usually packed up by 6:40.

Most students obtain instruments by renting through Sight and Sound Music Rentals out of Terrace. Most parents pay monthly on a rent-to-own plan (after enough time elapses, you own the instrument!). More information can be found at in the “Band Instruments” section. The SD60 Band Program owns a limited amount of instruments that we rent out for those who would like other options.

There is no fee to join the Band Program. Aside from the cost of their instrument, a student will require a music book each year ($15) and depending on the instrument, items to maintain the instrument such as reeds and oils ($2-$10 as needed). Fundraising opportunities are put on throughout the year by the Band Parent Association which are designed to keep costs to an absolute minimum. The uniform is an SD60 Band Shirt which is $15, or else a plain navy blue shirt.

We require the above Waiver of Consent, indicating that you understand the requirements of the SD60 Beginner Band Program. Filling this online form completes that requirement.

Sandra Gunn, Sabrina Brooks, David Price, & Joe Brooks
The SD60 Band Team
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