NM - Afterparty
On Saturday, March 7 from 9pm, an after party will be arranged after the finals of the NM buldring 2020. Join us!

To register for the after party for NM in buldring 2020 you must be 18+ and pay an entrance fee of 80 NOK. Here it will be served in a closed bar with lots of sound, lights and happenings!

Payment methods:
Bank account: 2000 20 70082
IBAN code: NO4520002070082 (international)
BIC/SWIFT: DNBANOKK (international)
On Vipps: Friluftsgruppa HiNN v/SiNN #29789 - under the tab payments (betal)
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Studenten Bar - Place: Studenten - Gudbrandsdalsvegen 350, 2624 Lillehammer
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I understand that I will have to pay 80 NOK by Bank-account, Vipps or Cash before I get entrance to studenten.

By acknowledging below, you confirm that you understand that alcohol is served during this party and therefore you must be 18+ to participate. As well as any damage sustained in the party arena is covered by you as a private person.
You will receive confirmation of your registration by email or SMS.

If you have any questions regarding the after party, please contact us a: friluftsgruppa.hinn@gmail.com

If this is unclear please contact us before proceeding!
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